The Humpty Dumps

A resource for all concerned about development on the Humpty Dumps.

A user has pointed me to a Cotswold District Forward Planning set of web pages on the CDC site. This document contains a reference to the Humpty Dumps. Scroll down to item C.042 where you’ll see it states:

Panel consider the site suitable in principle, but that there are potential constraints to overcome; access issues, remoteness, SLA and steep topography. Likely to only be developed in the longer term of 15years+. Therefore not currently developable.

There is an Excel document here with further details and PDF map that ties it all together here.

I’ve provided links here to what I think are the most relevant documents because there is a lot of information on the CDC site and the navigation/menu is a little confusing. There maybe other gems there yet to be unearthed.

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