The Humpty Dumps

A resource for all concerned about development on the Humpty Dumps.


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This site has been created as a forum for people in the Bowling Green area of Cirencester concerned about the proposed development on the Humpty Dumps by Baylight Properties.

Our intention is to provide a repository for any information regarding the proposed development and to allow people an opportunity to voice their concerns through the article comments.

Over the coming weeks and months we intend to add more content as time and resources permit, so please check back frequently or subscribe to the sites RSS feed by following the link to the right.

Hopefully a vibrant community site will evolve over time, providing locals with a valuable resource and the additional benefit of showing Baylight, and presumably at some point Cotswold District Council Planning Dept, the strength of our concerns.

To post comments a user will need to register. Whilst abusive or slanderous comments will not be tolerated, with the offender barred, ultimately this site cannot be responsible for the comments of its users.

To contact the webmaster email: or use the contact form below.

Anyone who has additional information, graphics and links etc. please email them to the Webmaster.

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