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The New Fencing

1. The arrival of the fencing tractor after the site edges had been cleared a few days earlier.

2. Hammering the posts in.

3. The new fence, but where has the apple tree gone?

4. The remains of the apple tree, ripped down in short order.

5. Path now blocked, walk down the lane for another entrance.

6. An old picture of the gate that has ‘disappeared’.

Some good news

Enquiry date set for November 17th – location to be advised.

Cirencester Town Council applied for “Local Green Space Designation” at meeting on 10th June.

Cotswold District council releases latest “Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment” updated with info for the Humpty Dumps.

Hannah Sturman from Cirencester Town Council agrees to update “Green Space Strategy” in
the community plan to include the Humpty Dumps.

Piper Ventures Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Baylight Properties according to the documents) submitted a screening opinion request for development on the Humpty dumps on 13th April 2011. More information can be found here click on the ‘Documents’ tab for their application. If I’m understanding the site and documents correctly CDC have indicated they require an Environmental Impact Assessment despite Piper Ventures claiming their proposal isn’t an EIA development.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Humpty Dumps are on our local councillors radars with a mention in the Conservative leaflet and also being discussed on the doorstep by the Lib-Dem candidate Andy Lichnowski. Neither parties are in favour of Baylight’s plans with the Conservatives wholly opposed to the proposals according to their campaign leaflet.

We have added some photographs of the signs that have appeared around the site in recent weeks.

Here are details of some CDC documents referencing the Humpty Dumps and Forward Planning.

There are now map pins to the Google map on the site page highlighting the places where Baylight are already showing a lack of respect for the site and locals by causing damage.

The map is also marked with the current right of way as shown on Ordnance Survey maps. Although as some of our users have already pointed out there are other paths that they have been using regularly for over 30 years.

The damage to the Right of Way sign has been reported to the PROW (Public Right of Way) Officer at Gloucestershire County Council.

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